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Why You Need a Web Designing Course in 2022

Why You Need a Web Designing Course in 2022

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The web design industry has grown exponentially over the last decade in Cameroon and so has the need for quality web designing courses and training. The need for experienced designers who can create websites that are both visually appealing and functional is of prime importance as everyone needs to keep an active and effective online presence. Buea Institute of Technology’s web designing courses aim to provide students with the knowledge they need to become successful web designers and web developers.

Web Design Training Class at Buea Institute of Technology.
Web Design live Session at the BIT Computer Lab. Students practice building websites with HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, MySQL and PHP.

Web Designing Course Fundamentals

In this section of our web designing course, we introduce students to the basic principles of web design. Our Students learn about HTML5, CSS, Responsive Design, and other web-related technologies. They also learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to create their own website mockups and other web graphics. Practical exercises students carry out include creating logos, banners, infographics, picture editing and other web-related graphics. Web designing fundamentals include the following:

  • HTML & CSS
  • Responsive Design
  • Photoshop


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is the basic markup language for creating hyperlinks and documents. The HTML code is written in tags that surround text and specify how the text should appear. This allows the browser to display the document properly.

Cascading Style Sheets are style sheets that allow you to control the way a document looks. They are embedded in HTML files and define how HTML elements look. CSS provides a way to separate content from presentation.

Both HTML and CSS are languages that describe the structure of a website; they tell browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox what text should look like and where images go.

Responsive Design

web design training responsive  website dessign

Responsive design is the practice of creating a single site that can adapt its layout based on the device being viewed. This means that if someone visits a responsive site using their phone, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop, they will see a similar experience. Responsive designs help improve a website’s conversion rate and user experience.

Adobe Photoshop

The Adobe Photoshop software has become the industry standard for editing photographs and other graphics. With its powerful tools, users can manipulate images in ways that were previously impossible. Photoshop allows users to alter colours, adjust brightness and contrast, create special effects, add text, and much more. The web designing courses at Buea Institute of Technology allow students to learn how to use Photoshop to create attractive designs which make the websites they create look professional and aesthetically pleasing.

Web Development

In this section of our web designing courses, students taking either our National Diploma Webmaster or Certificate in Web Design programme will learn how to develop web applications using popular web programming languages. They learn how to plan, research, write, build, test, deploy, and maintain a website using Javascript, PHP and MySQL. Throughout each of these web designing courses, students work through various projects that help them understand each stage of the web applications development process. The web Development modules include:

  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • MySQL


JavaScript is a general-purpose computer programming language designed to add interactivity and programmability to web browsers. It lets you write programs that run inside web browsers. Some examples include pop-ups, drop-downs, animations, and videos. JavaScript is often used to build forms, track user activity, and validate data.


PHP has become the standard programming language for developing websites and other internet applications. PHP is a server-side scripting language that can be used to create dynamic web pages. With its use comes the ability to make your website more user-friendly and accessible. When someone visits your site, they send information to your server. Then, your server runs the code and sends back the results.


Websites use databases to store information about user activities. A database stores data in tables, where each row represents a record and each column contains a field of data. By using SQL statements, we can query the database to find out what websites a particular user visited, how long they stayed on a site and other useful information. In this segment of the web designing courses, students learn how to install and configure MySQL, including setting up a local network environment. Students also learn about some of the basic features of MySQL, including creating tables, inserting data into those tables, querying data from tables, and using MySQL in a web application.

Website Testing

Testing is the final step in the web development process. This means making sure everything works correctly on any browser and device. If anything doesn’t work properly, it will need to be fixed before it goes live! There are many reasons why web designers should test every website. Web designers can learn about how visitors navigate their site, what they do once they get there, and if they leave without taking action. This data can help web designers make better decisions about their online marketing strategy.

Why You Need Our Web Designing Courses

The BIT Web Designing courses can help you get your foot in the door at any web design company. If you have experience designing websites, then you’re already ahead of the game. But if you don’t have that kind of experience, Buea Institute of Technology’s web design course can give you the skills to create great-looking sites.

Here are some reasons why BIT’s web designing courses are beneficial:

  • Web designers are in high demand. There are many companies out there who need their services and the need is ever-growing.
  • Our Web designing courses give you a leg-up on other candidates. Many employers will look favourably upon people who have taken courses like this.
  • Web design is a career path. It doesn’t end once you graduate from school. You can build a portfolio over time and work your way up.
  • Web design can lead to other careers. Some web designers go on to become developers. Others go into marketing. Whatever your dreams may be, our web designing courses can help you achieve them.

Apply today for the BIT National Diploma in Web Design (ND Webmaster) or our Certificate in Web Design (CP Web Design) programmes. Click on the link below to apply or talk to us to find out more!

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