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ND Production of Graphic Design

ND Production of Graphic Design

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National Diploma (ND) Production of Graphic Design programme

Ignite your creativity and master the art of visual communication with our National Diploma (ND) Production of Graphic Design programme.

Our comprehensive curriculum will equip you with the skills and techniques necessary to excel in the dynamic world of graphic design. From concept development to final production, you’ll learn to create captivating visuals, design stunning layouts, and craft compelling brand identities. With hands-on experience and industry insights, you’ll gain expertise in software tools, typography, colour theory, and print production.

Are you ready to unleash your design potential and bring ideas to life? Join us today and embark on a journey of graphic design excellence. Enrol now and turn your passion into a profession.

Skills Our Students will Obtain:

  1. Graphic Design Principles and Concepts
  2. Proficiency in Design Software and Tools
  3. Typography and Layout Design
  4. Branding and Identity Development
  5. Print Production Techniques

Updated Course Outline for the National Diploma in Production of Graphic Design Programme


01GDP201C6Introduction to Arts
02GDP203C6Adobe Photoshop
03GDP211C6Graphic and Multimedia Design
05MEC201C6Communication Fundamentals
06FRE101R2Basic French Language I
07ENG101R2 Basic English Language I
08DIL101R2 Digital Literacy
Total Credits:36


01OAS202C6Microsoft Publisher
02WSD204C6Civics, Ethics, and Law
03GDP206C6Graphic Illustration – Adobe Illustrator
04MEC212C6Public Relations and Advertising Production
05WSD240C6Engineering Mathematics I
06CVE102R4Civics, Ethics and Law
07IPL102R4Integration to Professional Life
08GDP290C12Academic Project I
Total Credits: 38
General Credits to be Obtained: 74

Course Requirement

  • Minimum, GCE A Level


  • Ten (10) months, including internship.

Certificate To Be Obtained

Training Sessions

October to June (yearly)

Job/career opportunities for graduates

Graduates of the National Diploma in Production of Graphic Design have a wide range of job and career opportunities in the creative industry. Here are some potential career paths for graduates:

  1. Graphic Designer: As a graphic designer, you can work in design agencies, advertising firms, or as a freelance designer. You’ll create visual concepts, develop layouts, design logos, packaging, websites, and other marketing materials.
  2. Art Director: In this role, you’ll oversee the visual aspects of creative projects. You’ll manage design teams, provide creative direction, and ensure the visual integrity and consistency of campaigns across various media.
  3. Branding and Identity Designer: As a branding and identity designer, you’ll specialize in developing and maintaining brand identities for businesses. You’ll design brand logos, colour schemes, typography, and other visual elements to ensure consistent and impactful brand representation.
  4. Web Designer: With expertise in web design, you can specialize in creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites. You’ll use your skills in HTML, CSS, and web design tools to develop engaging online experiences.
  5. Print Production Specialist: With knowledge of print production techniques, you can work in printing companies or marketing departments to oversee the production of printed materials such as brochures, packaging, signage, and promotional materials.
  6. Packaging Designer: In this role, you’ll focus on creating innovative and visually appealing packaging designs for products. You’ll consider factors like product safety, branding, and consumer appeal to create packaging that stands out on shelves.
  7. Motion Graphics Designer: Specializing in motion graphics, you can create visually captivating animations, videos, and multimedia content for advertising, film, television, or online platforms.
  8. UX/UI Designer: User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) designers focus on creating intuitive and visually appealing digital interfaces. You’ll design user-friendly layouts, wireframes, and prototypes to enhance the usability and overall experience of websites and applications.

Online Application

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June to October '24

Acquire top-paying skills!

June to September 2024, become a certified expert in any one of the following: Basic Computing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing or Video Production: Register now @ www.bit.edu.cm

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