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Video Production

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Video Production Class at BIT

The Video Production programme introduces students to the fundamentals of photography and videography with the objective of equipping the student with practical photography and filmmaking skills. This programme takes the student into the ABCs of exposure, cameras, lenses, sound and lighting.

Great photography or filmmaking doesn’t end with knowing your equipment. Great storytelling combined with excellent images and impeccable sound is what enables us to make a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer! This programme is for film enthusiasts, persons who desire to forge a career in, especially photography and filmmaking.

Video Production Modules

  • Introduction to Video Production
  • Cameras and camera accessories
  • Exposure, Shots, Camera angles and Camera Movements
  • Composition Techniques
  • Lighting and Sound Recording
  • Sound Editing with Adobe Audition
  • Video editing with Adobe Premier
  • Proposals, Treatments, Scriptwriting and Directing
  • Marketing and distribution

Entry Requirement

  • Basic experience with cameras
  • Working knowledge of computers


  • Three (4) months including the submission of a supervised project.

Certificate To Be Obtained

Training Sessions

June to September / October to January / February to May (All year round)

Online Application

Click Apply Now button below to apply for our Certificate in Video Production Programme or talk to us on WhatsApp to find out more!

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