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A higher National Diploma is a great way for students to gain knowledge and skills as well as prepare for further education or secure a place in the job market.

Higher National Diploma Students at Buea Insitute of Technology taking Matriculation Oath.
Higher National Diploma Students taking Matriculation Oath.

HND programmes can be very useful for those looking to pursue a certain career or gain more knowledge in a certain field. These programmes provide a more in-depth understanding of the subject area and allow students to develop the skills they need to succeed in their chosen field. Additionally, they can open up opportunities to go on to further study, such as a degree programme, or to enter the job market. The qualifications gained through a higher national diploma programme are often highly respected and sought after by employers.

Buea Institute of Technology offers a number of HND programmes. We recommend aspiring students to check out our list of programmes to find what best suits their career aspirations.

BIT HND Programmes

HND Software Engineering

HND Software Engineering, Buea Institute of Technology

Master the skills and knowledge to design, develop and maintain software systems. Gain hands-on experience and industry-relevant skills.

HND Journalism

HND Journalism, Buea Institute of Technology

Understand the basics of news writing, tv/radio programme writing and production, Publishing, digital journalism, and more.

HND Graphic Design

HND Graphic Design at Buea Institute of Technology

Master design principles, typography, image manipulation, branding, and layout composition. Create stunning visuals for print and digital media. Using industry-standard software.

E-Commerce & Digital Marketing​

E-Commerce and Digital Marketing at Buea Institute of Technology

Gain valuable skills in website development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, data analytics, and online advertising. learn to reach target audiences, and maximize conversions.

Duration of the Higher National Diploma Programme

HND programmes are 2-year programmes run by Cameroon’s Ministry of Higher Education

Entry Requirements

GCE Advanced Levels, Baccalereat or higher

Duration of BIT HND Programme

All our HND programmes last 2 years


Registration – 10,000frs
Tuition Year 1 – 350,000frs
Tuition Year 2 – 350,000frs

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