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ND Office Automation Secretaryship

ND Office Automation Secretaryship

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National Diploma in Office Automation Secretaryship (ND Office automation secretaryship) programme

The National Diploma in Office Automation Secretaryship (ND Office Automation Secretaryship) programme involves the use of computer technology to automate clerical tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing databases, and creating reports. This programme prepares students for work as professional office assistants, secretaries, receptionists, and administrative assistants.

Office Automation Secretaryship students learn how to use software applications to streamline administrative processes, improve organizational efficiency, and reduce paper waste. With the BIT Office Automation Secretaryship programme, students learn how to save time and resources, increase accuracy and productivity, and simplify complex office tasks.

Office Automation Secretaryship students learn how to use software applications to streamline administrative processes.

ND Office Automation Secretaryship Updated Course Outline


01OAS201C6Computer Keyboarding
02OAS205C6Microsoft Word
03OAS207C6Microsoft Excel
04OAS209C6Secretarial Practice I
05GDP211C6Graphic and Multimedia Design
06FRE101R2Basic French Language I
07ENG101R2Basic English Language I
08DIL101R2Digital Literacy
Total Credits:36


01OAS202C6Microsoft Publisher
02OAS204C6Microsoft Power Point
03OAS206C6Microsoft Access
04OAS208C6Secretarial Practice II
05OAS290C12Academic Project I
06CVE102R4Civics, Ethics, and Law
07IPL102R4Integration to Professional Life
Total Credits: 44
General Credits to be Obtained: 80

Course Requirement

  • Minimum, Form IV or GCE O’ Level


  • Ten (10) months, including internship.

Certificate To Be Obtained

Training Sessions

October to June (yearly)

Job and Career Opportunities for ND Office Automation Secretaryship Graduates

Graduates of the ND in Office Automation Secretaryship program have various job and career opportunities in the administrative and secretarial fields. Here are some potential career paths for graduates:

  1. Administrative Assistant: As an ND Office Automation Secretaryship Graduate, you can work as an administrative assistant, providing support to executives, managers, or departments within an organization. You’ll handle tasks such as managing schedules, organizing meetings, preparing documents, and coordinating office operations.
  2. Executive Secretary: In this role, you’ll provide high-level administrative support to top-level executives. You’ll manage their calendars, handle correspondence, prepare reports, and assist with decision-making processes.
  3. Office Manager: As an office manager, you’ll oversee the day-to-day operations of an office. You’ll manage administrative staff, coordinate office activities, handle budgets and expenses, and ensure smooth workflow within the organization.
  4. Virtual Assistant: With the rise of remote work, virtual assistants are in high demand. You can provide administrative support to clients remotely, manage their schedules, organize travel arrangements, handle emails, and perform various administrative tasks.
  5. Customer Service Representative: Graduates can pursue customer service roles, where they’ll handle inquiries, resolve issues, and provide assistance to customers. Strong communication and organizational skills developed through the program will be valuable in delivering excellent customer service.
  6. Data Entry Specialist: With proficiency in office automation tools and software, graduates can work as data entry specialists, accurately inputting and managing data in databases or spreadsheets.
  7. Records Management Officer: In this role, you’ll be responsible for organizing and maintaining records and documents within an organization. You’ll ensure proper filing, retrieval, and disposal of records, adhering to relevant policies and regulations.
  8. Project Coordinator: Graduates can work as project coordinators, assisting in project planning, documentation, and coordination of tasks and resources. They’ll support project managers and ensure projects are executed smoothly.

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