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Why Study at Buea Institute of Technology?

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Top Quality Teachers

Experienced and devoted teachers with a passion to share knowledge. Our tutors are industry professionals with several years of experience under their belts. As a student at Buea Institute of Technology, students enjoy the benefit of years of experience from our dynamic staff. Tutors use real-world examples and personal projects that not only illustrate the points they are trying to make but boost students confidence as budding practitioners.

Beautiful and Cosy Environment

BIT is situated considerably away from the hustle and bustle of Molyko City. A very calm and quiet campus with a restaurant that offers a great relaxation spot for students and the opportunity to socialise and strengthen student bonds.

Well Equipped Facilities

Well equipped classrooms with ultramodern computer laboratory. Our one student per desk policy can be found nowhere else in the country. At BIT we study with class and style. We believe that a comfortable environment with adequate learning facilities is critical ingredients that ensure the assimilation and understanding of knowledge.

A Great IT Community

BTT’s presence at the heart of the Silicon Mountain means unique networking and skill-sharing opportunities for our students! Buea Institute of Technology’s unique partnership with local and international companies, IT Hubs etc serves to introduce students into the professional environment before they leave school. These institutions provide internship and exchange programmes for our students.
We equally enjoy several guest visits form industry professionals, mentorship and coaching. Some of our partners include Clonem Multimedia Co Ltd, Zinger Systems, ACTIV Spaces, and NJORKU.

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