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Which is best for me: Diploma or Certificate Programme?

Which is best for me: Diploma or Certificate Programme?

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Which is good for me? Diploma or certificate programme?

Well, choosing between a diploma or certificate programme at Buea Institute of technology depends on two things – what are you seeking to achieve and how much time do you have to spend.

What do I want to achieve?

The programme you chose should be influenced largely by your end goal. Students who chose the National Diploma programmes are usually students who are looking forward to employment or to continuing their studies in the said field. The National Diploma programmes offer a much richer curriculum with many additional subjects like French Language, English Language, and Integration into professional life which prepares the student additionally for integration into the Cameroonian job market. The certificate program, however, is geared more toward individuals who just want to acquire technical skills and as such the programme is focused mainly on technical training.

How much time do I have?

Time is always an important factor no matter what we want to do. If you are currently employed or perhaps you just want to quickly pick up a skill and start using it right away, then the certificate programmes are for you. Unlike the diploma programmes which run for 10 months, the certificate programmes are mostly 3 months long and very practical-oriented. The essence of the certificate programme is to focus on delivering skills within a short time period.

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