Buea Institute of Technology - BIT

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What are the programmes offered by Buea Institute of Technology?

Buea Institute of Technology (BIT) offers a variety of programmes in the field of Information Technology, including certificate programmes, national diploma programmes, and higher national diploma programmes. Certificate Programmes BIT’s certificate programmes are designed to provide students with the basic skills needed to work in the IT industry. These programmes are short-term and can be […]

Become a Graphic Designer in 4 Simple Steps

Who is a Graphic Designer? Graphic designers can be referred to as visual communicators. They transmit information and engage audiences by integrating images, text, and graphics. Graphic designers create a variety of work by combining design components such as forms, colours, lines, and textures. From posters to product packaging to logos and animations, they do […]

Studying Video Production at Buea Institute of Technology

Video production has become a very important part of our lives and hence the importance of studying video production. From social media posts to TV commercials, video is everywhere. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to master video production. There are many ways to study video production. Some people prefer […]

Learn Graphic Design at Buea Institute of Technology

For whom is the BIT Graphic Design Masterclass? Our Graphic Design programme is designed to provide any newcomer with an in-depth understanding of design principles and techniques that will set them up for any task or responsibility in the Graphics Design industry. This MasterClass takes the student from absolute zero to a fully-fledged professional with […]