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Why You Should Learn Web Design – Important points to consider

Why You Should Learn Web Design – Important points to consider

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Web Design class at Buea Institure of Technology

Learning web design is one of the most interesting endeavours you would ever want to undertake, especially at a time when everything and everyone is going online; and what better place to do it than in Buea, the heart of Silicon Mountain!
With ever-increasing competition in the marketplace, every business, school, organisation is fighting to get known and the web provides one of the most cost-effective means of publicity and advertising. Such needs today mean an increasing need and demand for websites and web development services.

A Need for web design professionals

Some may argue that building websites is easy and anyone can do it by themself – True! With numerous content management systems (CMSs) now available online and the ever-growing popularity of WordPress and others like Drupal and Joomla, one can argue that web development can be a piece of cake.
Becoming a master web designer can never be an overnight matter. It takes time to develop understanding and skill. Self-study can get you to create your own website, but this can take a very long time and little obstacles can cause you to abandon the learning process altogether.

Equally, a typical web designer requires a good number of skills. These include:

  • Good knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Mastery of graphics and colours
  • Understanding of Programming and Databases
  • Mastery of Web Hosting Solutions
  • Knowledge of SEO and Digital Marketing

To any casual website builder, a website is a website, But to clients and business partners, your website is more than just a collection of pages – it is a reflection of your company (organisation/institution) and what you stand for. How professional your website looks; that is, your choice of colours, use of graphics, your text readability, SEO performance are all indicators of the quality and stature of your business.
Hence to create a professional website, there is a need for you to be sufficiently grounded in the aforementioned areas and this requires training!

What should I do to become a web designer/web developer?

The key to becoming an expert web designer/developer is to find an institution that not only understands what you need as a professional but also has qualified staff and resources that will make your learning experience a great and enjoyable one.
Buea Institute of Technology is one of those institutions created to offer specialised training in web design, graphics design, software development and other computer-related fields of study. located at the heart of Cameroon’s Silicon Mountain (Buea), Buea Institute of Technology (BIT) boasts of an ultramodern computer laboratory, a cosy learning environment with beautiful classrooms and an amazing set of teachers and instructors.

BIT offers two pathways to your professional career – The Diploma pathway and the Certificate pathway. The “Certificate in Web Design” programme runs for 4 months and candidates get a certificate from BIT while the “WebMaster National Diploma” programme runs for 10 months and candidates take the end-of-course, National Diploma exams set by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training.

The curriculum for these courses is rich and offers any aspiring web designer all they need to become an expert craftsman. No prior knowledge of web design is required for these programmes and all students are considered as absolute beginners. The entry requirements are also very moderate. Working knowledge of computers and the internet is required and a minimum of O’Levels certificate for the Certificate programme and A’Levels for the National Diploma Programme.

Web Design students at our Ultrmodern Computer Lab: One student per computer!

June to October '24

Earn top-paying skills!

June to September 2024, become a certified expert in any one of the following: Basic Computing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing or Video Production: Register now @ www.bit.edu.cm

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